Practical Methods to Keep Your Computer Safe

Cybercrime has gone to another new and dangerous level where hackers are ready to do everything to get your privacy. This may include stealing passwords and identity theft. Keep our computers safe in the following ways:

Chose a stronger password

A strong password is good, but a stronger password is better. Strong passwords protect you from hackers It is advisable to have a password with a minimum of 12 characters. It should include lower case letters, capital letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and unique characters. Avoid using your name, birth date, pet names and any other person related character that could be gotten from a social site. Replace some of the letters with numbers and have a unique password.

Use a unique password for each occasion. This will minimize the risk of being hacked-it will be like not putting all eggs in one basket situation

Come up with a pattern that will be creating complex passwords for you. This will help you keep out intruders and also have a way of remembering the many passwords that you would have forgotten

Install an Anti-virus program

It is necessary to acquire an anti-virus to protect you from real-time threats from the internet usage. It is better to use a free version of anti-virus than to lack one because even the free versions have basics. A complete version of antivirus will keep your computer safe. Keep in mind that you ought to update your anti-virus at least once a day to be a step ahead of hackers.

Do not use an administrative account

Administrative account should only be used when you want to make significant changes like software installation or change computer settings. Instead, use a standard account for regular operations Some OS like Linux and Window 7 requires password input before a software installation. This is the best way that an administrator can safeguard his computer from intrusion Use of the standard account makes it hard for hackers and malware to steal important data or change the OS files. This is because changes can only be made by the administrator who is currently not logged in

Install a malware removal tool/install spyware

Malware is annoyances besides viruses. They include spyware (it tracks what you do and places you visit online], Adware (it floods you with numerous unwanted pop ups], keyloggers (it is software that record your keystrokes and is responsible for password theft).

It is recommended that even after acquiring a fully paid anti-virus; get software that is fully dedicated to removing spyware. Some applications for spyware removal are beneficial since they will alert you anytime a malware tries to change your registry

Set Up a Firewall

Firewalls are responsible for controlling data into and out of your computer. They keep out hackers and block malware program from self-installing. These malware programs may be viruses or programs that steal your passwords and Visa card details making you vulnerable How to set up firewalls:

Windows XP. Go to control panel-Security center-Windows firewall and turn it on for protection Windows 7. Go to Control Panel-System and Security-Windows Firewall Mac. System Prefs-Security-Firewall

Anti-viruses like Kaspersky and Norton offer tighter firewalls. The above instructions will improve your computer’s performance and reduce many hours of maintenance. You can now access the internet to worry about anything.

Next-Gen Consoles: What’s So Different?

With a new generation of gaming consoles coming into play, one might think, what makes these so much more different than the previous generation consoles? Another question might be, why should I buy a new console when the newly-outdated one that has worked just fine? If I am planning to get one, which console would be best for me?

Sony announced their next-generation console, PlayStation4, heavy boasts of all new high definition graphics, a next-level personalizing system on your profile that will know all of the player’s like and dislikes with the games that the gamer plays, the movies and shows they watch, the music they listen to and will make recommendations on all subjects to the player based upon this information. A few more really convenient features that Sony has included in their upcoming system, is a “play while you download” feature and PlayStation App for iPhone, iPad, andAndroid devices. The”play while you download” feature allows the player to increase playing time for their games by downloading a “ready to play” portion of the game that should tide them over until their full game is finally downloaded in the background. The PlayStation App, once downloaded to an eligible device and linked to the player’s profile, makes it possible for the gamer to download games to their console and also view their friends’ game-play.

Microsoft released their next-gen console as well, Xbox One. Although initially, the Xbox One did not receive the same positive feedback thatSony did for their PS4. Microsoft caught wind of this outcry for a better system as much of what the information that they released about the Xbox One was speculated heavily as a major downgrade from their last system. Microsoft made some changes and the current information is the newer, revised description that they released more recently. Xbox One is more focused on how its users interact with one another and try to involve programs and applications that were once only available on other devices and platforms. Xbox One brings back the Home Screen along with the rest of the Xbox Dashboard from the Xbox 360 in a newer, more modern look and feels to it. Xbox One points more toward the ability to multi-task with an all-new feature that allows the player to perform actions on two applications at once.  Xbox One introduces new applications such as Skype, a newer, revised version of Internet Explorer, and an extremely convenient feature, OneGuide allows you to connect your cable to your Xbox One and watch tv without having to switch back and forth, just simply switching apps.

BoththePS4 and Xbox One, bring all new qualities o the table that no console has dared attempt before. The PS4 focuses mainly on how the gamer wishes to personalize their own experience and wishes to only further their expansion into the future of gaming with multi-platforming and the newest graphics as opposed to Xbox One’s goal being to change the way their audience stays connected with each other and sticking to the basics that Xbox fans have grown to love, giving them a nice visual touch-up and smoother game-play than the past Microsoft console.